Monday, September 20, 2010

Hindsight and Foresight

Last week I distributed two documents. The first, a summary of the "academic" progress of the Institute tells the story of all that you and your students and colleagues have done to make the Institute better in teaching, service, and research over the past year. The second, The Role of the IHP in Health Care Education of the Future, provided a series of questions and reflections for the faculty to consider as we engage in strategic planning over this fall term.

As I thought about "Vision 2020", our strategic planning process, I found it very helpful to use the accomplishments and challenges of the past year to serve as the foundation for thoughts about the future. We have accomplished so much! Rather than listening to those random voices of frustration about the volume of work that remains to be done, looking backward helps me see that we can be confident that it is all do-able.

So, as we enter this time of planning and focus on the longer term, I hope that you find the opportunity to join me in an optimistic view in Vision 2020. In fact my wish for all of us is that we can share 20/20 vision about Vision 2020!
Have a great week.

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